Displacement vector measurement using 2D modulation by virtual hyperbolic beam forming

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For the purpose of diagnosing ischemic heart disease by detection of malfunction area and cancer tumor by detection of hard area, 3-D tissue motion must be correctly evaluated. So far various methods of measuring multidimensional displacement have been developed. Most of present techniques are restricted to one-dimensional measurement of tissue displacement such as myocardial stain-rate imaging. Although lateral modulation method enables us to attain high-accuracy measurement of lateral displacement as well as axial direction by generating lateral oscillating RF signals, the method causes distorted RF far from center of aperture. As a result, the method is not suited to sector scan which is used for myocardial examination. We propose a method to solve the problem by using 2-D modulation with the virtual hyperbolic beam forming and detection of 2-D displacement vector. The feasibilities of the proposed method were evaluated by numerically simulating the left ventricle short-axis imaging of cylindrical myocardial model. The volume strain image obtained by the proposed method clearly depicted the hard infarction area where conventional multi-beam Doppler imaging could not.

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JournalIEEJ Transactions on Electronics, Information and Systems
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Publication statusPublished - 2010
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  • 2D modulation
  • Displacement vector measurement
  • Tissue elasticity imaging
  • Ultrasound measurement in medicine
  • Visualization of local myocardial contraction

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