Distinct Fe-induced magnetic states in the underdoped and overdoped regimes of La 2-xSr xCu 1-yFe yO 4 revealed by muon spin relaxation

K. M. Suzuki, T. Adachi, Y. Tanabe, H. Sato, Y. Koike, Risdiana, Y. Ishii, T. Suzuki, I. Watanabe

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Zero-field and longitudinal-field muon-spin-relaxation measurements have been performed in partially Fe-substituted La 2-xSr xCu 1-yFe yO 4 in a wide range of hole concentration to investigate the magnetic state induced by the Fe substitution recently suggested from the neutron-scattering measurements. It has been found that the magnetic transition temperature is notably enhanced through the 1% Fe substitution in a wide range of hole concentration where superconductivity appears in Fe-free La 2-xSr xCuO 4. In the underdoped regime, the Fe-induced magnetic order can be understood in terms of the concept of stripe pinning by Fe as in the case of the Zn-induced one in La 2-xSr xCu 1-yZn yO 4. In the overdoped regime, on the other hand, the Fe-induced magnetic order is short-ranged, which is distinct from the stripes. It is plausible that a spin-glass state of Fe spins derived from the Ruderman-Kittel-Kasuya-Yosida interaction is realized in the overdoped regime, suggesting a change of the ground state from the strongly correlated state to the Fermi-liquid state with hole doping in La-214 high-T c cuprates.

Original languageEnglish
Article number014522
JournalPhysical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2012 Jul 27

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