Effects of silver addition on critical current densities and mechanical properties in bulk MgB<inf>2</inf>

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The present study focuses on the effects of Ag addition on the critical current density (J<inf>c</inf>) and the mechanical performance of disk-shaped MgB<inf>2</inf> bulk superconductors. MgB<inf>2</inf> samples with varying Ag contents of 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 wt% were sintered at 775°C for 3h in Ar atmosphere. The J<inf>c</inf> values were improved with Ag addition, in that the sample with 4wt% Ag showed the highest J<inf>c</inf> value of 295kA cm<sup>-2</sup> at 20K and self-field. The respective J<inf>c</inf> values of the same sample were 430, 360, and 238kA cm<sup>-2</sup> in self-field, 0.5T, and 1T at 7K. These values are the highest so far reported in bulk MgB<inf>2</inf> materials. Scanning electron microscopy showed that silver and silver oxide particles are embedded in the voids. As a result, the mechanical performance at room temperature was improved with Ag addition. We also confirmed the presence of nanometer-sized AgMg<inf>3</inf> particles, which may be responsible for high flux pinning and improved mechanical performances. The disk-shaped MgB<inf>2</inf> bulk superconducting super-magnets are potential candidates for industrial applications, especially in the medical field. The flux pinning and the mechanical performance of MgB<inf>2</inf> bulk superconductors are dramatically improved by adding 4wt% Ag. The morphology of the Ag particles and their dispersion in the nanoscale can be visualized by SEM and AFM.

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