Influence of Temperature on Plastic Deformation Behavior and Mechanism of Bismuth Single Crystals

Yuichi Yanaka, Yoshiharu Kariya, Hirohiko Watanabe, Hiroaki Hokazono

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Tensile tests were performed on bismuth single crystals in the [0001] (c-axis), [2(Formula presented.)0] (a1-axis), [10(Formula presented.)0] and [1(Formula presented.)00] directions of bismuth single crystals to investigate the influence of temperature on plastic deformation behavior. The plastic deformation at 298 K was caused by slip on the secondary slip system in the [0001] direction, or by twinning and slip deformation in twins subsequent to the twining deformation in the [2(Formula presented.)0] direction. Those mechanisms resulted in ductile characteristics in tension. Only deformation twinning, however, was observed along the [10(Formula presented.)0] and [1(Formula presented.)00] directions, which lead to brittle fracture. At elevated temperature (423 K), deformation twinning was not found to occur along any of the examined directions. Crystallographic slip was the predominant deformation mechanism along the [2(Formula presented.)0], [10(Formula presented.)0] and [1(Formula presented.)00] directions at 423 K. This is attributed to the activation of the {1(Formula presented.)02}<11(Formula presented.)0> or {1(Formula presented.)02}<1(Formula presented.)0(Formula presented.)> slip system which are inactive at 298 K. Along the [0001] direction at 423 K, the {0(Formula presented.)11}<10(Formula presented.)1> was active and its critical resolved shear stress (τcrss) does not coincide with that corresponding to the {1(Formula presented.)02}<11(Formula presented.)0> and {1(Formula presented.)02}<1(Formula presented.)0(Formula presented.)> systems. Therefore, it can be concluded that difference in τcrss between slip systems causes anisotropy in mechanical behavior at 423 K.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1-10
Number of pages10
JournalJournal of Electronic Materials
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2017 Oct 3


  • Bismuth
  • mechanical characteristic
  • plastic deformation
  • single crystal
  • slip system
  • twin deformation

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