Noncommutative spectral decomposition with quasideterminant

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We develop a noncommutative analogue of the spectral decomposition with the quasideterminant defined by I. Gelfand and V. Retakh. In this theory, by introducing a noncommutative Lagrange interpolating polynomial and combining a noncommutative Cayley-Hamilton's theorem and an identity given by a Vandermonde-like quasideterminant, we can systematically calculate a function of a matrix even if it has noncommutative entries. As examples, the noncommutative spectral decomposition and the exponential matrices of a quaternionic matrix and of a matrix with entries being harmonic oscillators are given.

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JournalAdvances in Mathematics
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Publication statusPublished - 2008 Mar 20
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  • Noncommutative
  • Quasideterminant
  • Spectral decomposition

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