On 2-edge-connected |a, b|-factors of graphs with Ore-type condition

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Let a≥2 and t≥2 be two integers. Suppose that G is a 2-edge-connected graph of order |G|≥2(t+1)((a-2)t+a)+t-1 with minimum degree at least a. Then G has a 2-edge-connected [a,at]-factor if every pair of non-adjacent vertices has degree sum at least 2|G|/(1+t). This lower bound is sharp. As a consequence, we have Ore-type conditions for the existence of a 2-edge-connected [a,b]-factor in graphs.

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JournalDiscrete Mathematics
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  • Connected factor
  • Factor
  • Graph
  • Ore-type
  • |a, b|-factor

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