Resistance to active oxidation of Sol-Gel HfO2 coated SiC polycrystal

T. Akashi, M. Kasajima, H. Kiyono

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Sintered SiC substrate was coated with HfO2 by a sol-gel process using Hf(OEt)4, diethanol-amine, and ethanol. The HfO 2-coated SiC specimen was oxidized isothermally in high purity Ar gas flow at 1873 K for 36 ks and the weight change was monitored by an electro-microbalance. The weight of the un-coated SiC specimen decreased significantly due to the active oxidation, while the weight losses of HfO 2-coated SiC specimens after the isothermal oxidation for 36 ks were smaller than that of un-coated specimen. TEM image of HfO2-coated SiC specimen after oxidation depicted that thick SiO2 layer (∼800 nm) with a small amount of Hf elements formed on the surface of the specimen. XRD analysis indicated that HfC formed during the isothermal oxidation of HfO2-coated SiC specimen.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationECS Transactions - High Temperature Corrosion and Materials Chemistry 7 - 214th ECS Meeting
PublisherElectrochemical Society Inc.
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ISBN (Print)9781615676392
Publication statusPublished - 2009
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EventHigh Temperature Corrosion and Materials Chemistry 7 - 214th ECS Meeting - Honolulu, HI, United States
Duration: 2008 Oct 122008 Oct 17

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ConferenceHigh Temperature Corrosion and Materials Chemistry 7 - 214th ECS Meeting
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