Ken'iti Kido, Jouji Miwa, Shozo Makino, Yoshihiro Niitsu

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The newly improved spoken word recognition system is described. The accuracy of the word recognition is improved by implementing new features extraction method and new phoneme connecting rules in addition to the previously reported system. The new features for the phoneme recognition are the spectral local peaks and four parameters by using the least squares fit line of speech spectrum. By increasing the features for the phoneme recognition, and by using new phoneme connecting rules, the accuracies of phoneme recognition and segmentation are improved. In the last step of the system, the item of the dictionary having maximum similarity to the recognized phonemic sequence is chosen. Every item of the dictionary is written in phonemic symbols, and it easy to change the objective words. The score of the word recognition was found to be 85. 7% for 166 city names uttered by 15 male speakers.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - 1978
EventRec IEEE Int Conf Acoust Speech Signal Process 3rd - Tulsa, OK, USA
Duration: 1978 Apr 101978 Apr 12


ConferenceRec IEEE Int Conf Acoust Speech Signal Process 3rd
CityTulsa, OK, USA

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