The CALET Mission for the International Space Station

S.Torii S.Torii, T.Tamura T.Tamura, N.Tateyama N.Tateyama, K.Yoshida K.Yoshida, T.Kashiwagi T.Kashiwagi, K.Hibino K.Hibino, J.Nishimura J.Nishimura, T.Yamagami T.Yamagami, Y.Saito Y.Saito, F.Makino F.Makino, M.Takayanagi M.Takayanagi, M.Shibata M.Shibata, Y.Katayose Y.Katayose, H.Murakami H.Murakami, T.Kobayashi T.Kobayashi, Y.Komori Y.Komori, K.Mizutani K.Mizutani, K.Kasahara K.Kasahara, T.Yuda T.Yuda, Kenji Yoshida

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2227-2230
JournalProc.of 27th ICRC
Publication statusPublished - 2001 Aug 1

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S.Torii, S. T., T.Tamura, T. T., N.Tateyama, N. T., K.Yoshida, K. Y., T.Kashiwagi, T. K., K.Hibino, K. H., ... Yoshida, K. (2001). The CALET Mission for the International Space Station. Proc.of 27th ICRC, 2227-2230.

The CALET Mission for the International Space Station. / S.Torii, S.Torii; T.Tamura, T.Tamura; N.Tateyama, N.Tateyama; K.Yoshida, K.Yoshida; T.Kashiwagi, T.Kashiwagi; K.Hibino, K.Hibino; J.Nishimura, J.Nishimura; T.Yamagami, T.Yamagami; Y.Saito, Y.Saito; F.Makino, F.Makino; M.Takayanagi, M.Takayanagi; M.Shibata, M.Shibata; Y.Katayose, Y.Katayose; H.Murakami, H.Murakami; T.Kobayashi, T.Kobayashi; Y.Komori, Y.Komori; K.Mizutani, K.Mizutani; K.Kasahara, K.Kasahara; T.Yuda, T.Yuda; Yoshida, Kenji.

In: Proc.of 27th ICRC, 01.08.2001, p. 2227-2230.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

S.Torii, ST, T.Tamura, TT, N.Tateyama, NT, K.Yoshida, KY, T.Kashiwagi, TK, K.Hibino, KH, J.Nishimura, JN, T.Yamagami, TY, Y.Saito, YS, F.Makino, FM, M.Takayanagi, MT, M.Shibata, MS, Y.Katayose, YK, H.Murakami, HM, T.Kobayashi, TK, Y.Komori, YK, K.Mizutani, KM, K.Kasahara, KK, T.Yuda, TY & Yoshida, K 2001, 'The CALET Mission for the International Space Station', Proc.of 27th ICRC, pp. 2227-2230.
S.Torii ST, T.Tamura TT, N.Tateyama NT, K.Yoshida KY, T.Kashiwagi TK, K.Hibino KH et al. The CALET Mission for the International Space Station. Proc.of 27th ICRC. 2001 Aug 1;2227-2230.
S.Torii, S.Torii ; T.Tamura, T.Tamura ; N.Tateyama, N.Tateyama ; K.Yoshida, K.Yoshida ; T.Kashiwagi, T.Kashiwagi ; K.Hibino, K.Hibino ; J.Nishimura, J.Nishimura ; T.Yamagami, T.Yamagami ; Y.Saito, Y.Saito ; F.Makino, F.Makino ; M.Takayanagi, M.Takayanagi ; M.Shibata, M.Shibata ; Y.Katayose, Y.Katayose ; H.Murakami, H.Murakami ; T.Kobayashi, T.Kobayashi ; Y.Komori, Y.Komori ; K.Mizutani, K.Mizutani ; K.Kasahara, K.Kasahara ; T.Yuda, T.Yuda ; Yoshida, Kenji. / The CALET Mission for the International Space Station. In: Proc.of 27th ICRC. 2001 ; pp. 2227-2230.
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T1 - The CALET Mission for the International Space Station

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PY - 2001/8/1

Y1 - 2001/8/1

M3 - Article

SP - 2227

EP - 2230

JO - Proc.of 27th ICRC

JF - Proc.of 27th ICRC

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