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  • 2006

    AlGaN/GaN HEMTs with recessed ohmic electrodes on Si substrates

    Kaifu, K., Mita, J., Ito, M., Sano, Y., Ishikawa, H. & Egawa, T., 2006, State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors (SOTAPOCS XLIII) -and- Nitride and Wide Bandgap Semiconductors for Sensors, Photonics, and Electronics VI. 2 ed. Electrochemical Society Inc., p. 259-265 7 p. (ECS Transactions; vol. 1, no. 2).

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  • 2004

    High performance AlGaN/AlN/GaN HEMTs grown on 100-mm-diameter epitaxial AlN/sapphire templates by MOVPE

    Miyoshi, M., Imanishi, A., Ishikawa, H., Egawa, T., Asai, K., Mouri, M., Shibata, T., Tanaka, M. & Oda, O., 2004 12月 1, IEEE Compound Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Symposium; 2004 IEEE CSIC Symposium, 26th Anniversary: Compounding Your Chips in Monterey - Technical Digest 2004. p. 193-196 4 p. (Technical Digest - IEEE Compound Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Symposium, CSIC).

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  • 2002

    High performance AlGaN/GaN HEMTs with recessed gate

    Sano, Y., Mita, J., Yamada, T., Makita, T., Kaifu, K., Ishikawa, H., Egawa, T. & Jimbo, T., 2002 1月 1, Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2001. Yoshida, S., Nishino, S., Harima, H. & Kimoto, T. (eds.). Trans Tech Publications Ltd, p. 1511-1514 4 p. (Materials Science Forum; vol. 389-393).

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