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Preamble signal shortening employing least squares search methods in MIMO-OFDM base wireless LAN systems

Muguro, J. & Kubota, S., 2017 1 17, ISAP 2016 - International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., p. 282-283 2 p. 7821188

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MIMO (control systems)
local area networks
Wireless local area networks (WLAN)
MIMO systems
Local area networks
Space-time block coding (STBC)
Local area networks
Telecommunication links
Telecommunication traffic

Rapid optical and X-ray timing observations of GX339-4: multicomponent optical variability in the low/hard state

G, G., hi, H., P, P., P., P., Dhillon, D., S., V., Durant, D., M., M., Fabian, F., C., A., Kubota, K., A., A., Makishima, M., K., K., Malzac, M., J., J., Marsh, M., R., T., Miller, M., M., J. および1人, P., S. T. SH. C. C., 2010 10 1, : : Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 407, p. 2166-2192

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A new user selection measure in Block Diagonalization algorithm for multiuser MIMO systems

Kudo, R., Takatori, Y., Nishimori, K., Ohta, A., Kubota, S. & Mizoguchi, M., 2009 10, : : IEICE Transactions on Communications. E92-B, 10, p. 3206-3218 13 p.

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MIMO systems
Channel state information
Vector spaces