A shift of mind - Introducing a concept creation model

Jun Nakamura, Yukio Ohsawa

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    The ability to construct concepts is indispensable to both individual and evolutionary development. Our model involves the use of ambiguous stimuli to facilitate decision-making by promoting analogical reasoning. Toward this end, we have developed Web-based exercises in word categorization for the purpose of engaging participants in analogical reasoning that contributes to the integration of words and leads to the construction of new concepts. 12 graduate students and 20 junior high school students were presented with ambiguous information for the purpose of comparison between the senior and the junior students. We hypothesized that the senior students tend to behave with more insight rather than junior students with less activation of thought process. Our results suggested that the presentation of the ambiguous stimuli were associated with unique thought processes, which are consistent with approaches to word categorization that reflect either the experience of insight or the operation of a trial and error strategy, depending on the junior or the senior students. We showed that the senior students tend to be more like insight into categorization design, while the junior as rather try and error behavior, in consideration of needed time and actions in analogical thinking.

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