An attempt of classifying techno-centered tendency in recent society

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The present study was made to classify recent techno-centered tendency in which was observed some new qualities. Seven hundred and eighty computer operators were asked to complete a questionnaire to evaluate techno-centered stress. The questionnaire consisted of 23 questions which were made of 7 new questions added to 16 questions of our previous study. Of 780 subjects, 571 responded. Among them, 118 subjects, who had been operating computers for more than a year and were evaluated to have high techno-centered tendency by the questions of our previous study, were selected. Each question of the questionnaire was given the following point according to the answers : Yes = 1, Unknown = 0.5, No = 0. Factor analysis was conducted to classify the questions. With the factor scores, further analysis was conducted by cluster analysis. As the result of factor analysis, the following 6 categories were obtained (cumulative proportion : 60%, eigenvalue : factor 1 = 2.89, factor 2 = 1.98, factor 3 = 1.62, factor 4 = 1.48, factor 5 = 1.25, factor 6 = 1.17) : I Addiction to associating with other people in computer environment, II Difficulty in returning to daily environment from computer environment, III Absorption in operating computers, IV Lack of interest in anything except computers, V Extreme requirement of rationality, VI Lack of cooperative nature. Cluster analysis showed that I and II were similar and that the cluster of I and II was similar to VI. It was also shown that III and IV were similar and that the cluster of III and IV was similar to V. Categories II- VI shows qualities which have been identified to describe techno-centered tendency. It is indicated that those categories are the main factors to describe techno-centered tendency. Category I shows a new quality and it is suggested that I is identified as a new factor to describe techno-centered tendency.

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