An efficient elution method of tetravalent uranium from anion exchanger by using formic acid solution

Tsuyoshi Arai, Yuezhou Wei, Mikio Kumagai

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In recent years, we have been investigating the development of the ERIX (The Electrolytic Reduction and Ion Exchange) process for reprocessing spent FBR-MOX fuel. This process uses electrolytic reduction and ion exchange techniques to recover U, Pu from spent FBR-MOX fuel solution. It was found that despite of the high nitric acid concentration, U(VI) can be effectively reduced to U(IV) using a flow type electrolytic cell in the existence of hydrazine and the U(IV) can be completely separated from fission products by the anion exchanger, AR-01. In addition, it was proposed that a part of U is assigned to be recovered together with Pu and Np for reusing as a FBR-MOX fuel. For that purpose, we are investigating an efficient elution method of Pu(IV) and U(IV) from AR-01. In this work, to develop an efficient elution method of U(IV) from AR-01, we have examined the U(IV) elution behavior by formic acid and the complex-formation of U(IV) with HCOO-.

ジャーナルJournal of Alloys and Compounds
出版物ステータスPublished - 2008 2 28


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