Antioxidative polyphenolic substances in cacao liquor

N. Osakabe, M. Yamagishi, M. Natsume, T. Takizawa, T. Nakamura, T. Osawa

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We have found antioxidative polyphenolic substances in cacao liquor that is one of the ingredients of chocolate and cocoa. Epicatechin, catechin, clovamide, quercetine, and their glycosides were confirmed as major antioxidants by using several methods. Furthermore, the physiological effects of crude polyphenols derived from cacao liquor (CLP) were examined with experimental animal models. CLP showed 1) antiulceric activity induced by ethanol, 2) inhibition on oxidative stress in vitamin E deficient rats, 3) reduction on LDL oxidative susceptibility in hypercholesterolemic rabbit, 4) antimutagenic effect against heterocyclic amines, 5) inhibitory effect on tumor promotion in two-stage carcinogenesis in mouse skin.

ジャーナルACS Symposium Series
出版物ステータスPublished - 2000

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    Osakabe, N., Yamagishi, M., Natsume, M., Takizawa, T., Nakamura, T., & Osawa, T. (2000). Antioxidative polyphenolic substances in cacao liquor. ACS Symposium Series, 754, 88-101.