Bezdek-type fuzzified co-clustering algorithm

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In this study, two co-clustering algorithms based on Bezdek-type fuzzification of fuzzy clustering are proposed for categorical multivariate data. The two proposed algorithms are motivated by the fact that there are only two fuzzy co-clustering methods currently available - entropy regularization and quadratic regularization - whereas there are three fuzzy clustering methods for vectorial data: entropy regularization, quadratic regularization, and Bezdek-type fuzzification. The first proposed algorithm forms the basis of the second algorithm. The first algorithm is a variant of a spherical clustering method, with the kernelization of a maximizing model of Bezdek-type fuzzy clustering with multi-medoids. By interpreting the first algorithm in this way, the second algorithm, a spectral clustering approach, is obtained. Numerical examples demonstrate that the proposed algorithms can produce satisfactory results when suitable parameter values are selected.

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