Control of sequential mto reactions through an MFI-type zeolite membrane contactor

Shusei Tanizume, Toshihiro Yoshimura, Katsunori Ishii, Mikihiro Nomura

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A membrane for controlling methanol-to-olefin (MTO) reactions was developed, which featured an MFI-type zeolite membrane (Si/Al = 25) that was synthesized on a porous α-alumina substrate using a secondary growth method. Here, the H2/SF6 permeance ratios were between 150 and 450. The methanol conversion rate was 70% with 38% ethylene selectivity and 28% propylene selectivity as determined using a cross-flow membrane contactor. In order to improve the olefin selectivity of the membrane, the MFI zeolite layer (Si/Al = ∞) was coated on an MFI-type zeolite membrane (Si/Al = 25). Using this two-layered membrane system, the olefin selectivity value increased to 85%; this was 19% higher than the value obtained during the single-layer membrane system.

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