Development of warm compacted P/M sprockets for automotive engines

Akira Fujiki, Hisayoshi Kojima, Yukihiro Maekawa, Masato Yamaguchi, Takashi Murata, Yoshimi Sugaya, Makoto Iwakiri, Takashi Shibano

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Since the introduction of warm compaction in 1994, several new warm-compacted powder metallurgy (P/M) parts have been developed. However, the main applications to date have been limited to the parts for agricultural tools and machine tools. Only a few automotive parts have been developed by using the warm-compaction method. Engine parts have not been developed. Here, the mechanical properties and the wear resistance of warm-compacted P/M materials are investigated, and the developed warm-compacted P/M engine sprockets are presented. A method of controlling the powder temperature is also described. Fe-2%Cu-0.8% and Fe-4%Ni-1.5%Cu-0.5%Mo-0.8%C are used in the test.

ジャーナルFenmo Yejin Jishu/Powder Metallurgy Technology
出版ステータスPublished - 2003 2 1

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