Enhancement of the oxygen storage properties of BaPrMn2O5 + δ and BaSmMn2O5 + δ oxides by a high-energy milling

Alicja Klimkowicz, Konrad Świerczek, Tetsuya Yamazaki, Akito Takasaki

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A facile, mechanical milling method resulting in a significant improvement of the oxygen release kinetics from cation-ordered BaLnMn2O5 + δ-type (Ln: selected lanthanides) materials is shown for Pr- and Sm-containing compounds. Synthesized by a soft chemistry method, BaPrMn2O5 and BaSmMn2O5 oxides were milled in an appropriately selected conditions, which allowed to obtain samples with largely decreased crystallite size, increased specific surface area, and likely, having a partial Ba-Ln disorder. Such materials were characterized in terms of their oxygen storage-related properties and were found to exhibit enhanced oxygen release kinetics, with a reduction rate parameter being increased several times. The milling process did not influence the mechanism of the oxygen release significantly. A decrease of a characteristic temperature of reduction was also noticed, however, while the oxygen storage capacity of BaSmMn2O5 + δ was found to increase after milling, it decreased for BaPrMn2O5 + δ. It seems that the enhanced reduction rates can be related to a diminished tendency of a formation of the oxygen vacancy-ordered BaLnMn2O5.5. The reported studies are supplemented by scanning electron microscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy measurements.

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出版物ステータスPublished - 2016 12 15

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