Evaluation of Key Emotional Value for Saudi Women

Enayyah Barnawi, Michiko Ohkura

研究成果: Chapter


In recent years, Kansei engineering has become crucial in industrial fields. It works as a new value axis that differs from such conventional ones as functionality and price that have served as competitiveness sources in manufacturing. Based on the vast growth in the apparel industry and greater customer awareness and intelligent observation of various products, such a conventional value axis as functionality and price is insufficient to satisfy customer’s needs. It is now crucial to study consumers’ Kansei or emotional values and build it within products. In this chapter, we evaluated the key emotional values that influence Saudi women to purchase luxury fashion brands. In addition, we aim to define kawaii from Saudi women’s perspective and identify the desired key emotional values for Saudi women and their importance compared to kawaii value. We used a qualitative method approach to gather a comprehensive understanding of the subjects of our study. A question framework was designed and in-depth interviews were employed to collect data.

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名前Springer Series on Cultural Computing

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