Experimental verification of color flow imaging based on wideband Doppler method

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The purpose of this study is to eliminate the aliasing in color flow imaging. The wideband Doppler method is applied to generate a color flow image, and the validity of the method is experimentally confirmed. The single beam experiment is carried out to confirm the velocity estimation based on the wideband Doppler method. The echo data for the conventional pulsed Doppler method and the wideband Doppler method are obtained using a flow model, and the estimated velocity for each method is compared. The color flow images for each method are also generated using several types of flow model. The generated images are compared, and the characteristics of the imaging based on the wideband Doppler method are discussed. The high velocity beyond the Nyquist limit is successfully estimated by the wideband Doppler method, and the availability in low velocity estimation is also confirmed. The aliasing in color flow images is eliminated, and the generated images show the significance of the elimination of the aliasing in the flow imaging. The aliasing in color flow imaging can be eliminated by the wideband Doppler method. This technique is useful for the exact understanding of blood flow dynamics.

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