Field trapping property of HTS bulk magnet with reduced voids in pulsed field magnetizing process

T. Oka, H. Seki, D. Ishiduka, J. Ogawa, S. Fukui, T. Sato, K. Yokoyama, A. Murakami

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The field trapping ability of melt-textured bulk superconductors is usually restricted by the mechanical properties because of the magnetic stress induced in the samples during the activation processes which give them intense magnetic fields of several T Therefore it is of crucial importance to enhance the toughness of the materials by means of reinforcing techniques. In this experiment, we adopted a dense Dy-based HTS bulk sample fabricated by means of controlling the concentration of voids inside during the heat treatment. A single magnetic pulse fields up to 7.66 T have been applied in the temperature range down to 30.6 K with use of GM refrigerator and the profiles of pulsed fields and the resultant trapped fields are discussed with respect to their performances. It was found that the trapped field grows as elongating rise time of the pulsed field and lowering initial temperature. The densely fabricated Dy123 sample was activated up to 1.98 T at 31 K in the same manner with no substantial difference from the porous Gd123 samples when the magnetic pulse field of 7.66 T was applied. The temperature rises up to 20 K are not substancial in comparison to those of the Gd123 compounds which exhibit the temperature rises more than 30 K at 40 K by applying 4.64 T This is attributed to the fact that the Jc value of the dense Dy123 are inferior to that of Gd123, which reflectes the field trapping ability.

ジャーナルJournal of Physics: Conference Series
出版ステータスPublished - 2012
イベント26th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, LT 2011 - Beijing, China
継続期間: 2011 8月 102011 8月 17

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