Floor-supply displacement air-conditioning: Laboratory experiments

Takashi Akimoto, Tatsuo Nobe, Shin ichi Tanabe, Ken ichi Kimura

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The results of laboratory measurements on the performance of a floor-supply displacement air-conditioning system in comparison to a displacement ventilation system with a side-wall-mounted diffuser and a ceiling-based distribution system are described. Thermal stratification was observed, as there were greater vertical air temperature differences in both of the displacement systems than in the ceiling-based system. The floor-supply displacement air-conditioning system produced a uniformly low air velocity at each measurement height, while a rather high air velocity near the floor was observed for the displacement ventilation system with a sidewall-mounted diffuser. Local mean age of air of the floor-supply displacement air-conditioning system was lower than that of the other systems, especially in the lower part of the room. According to the simulation results, the floor-supply displacement air-conditioning system with outdoor air cooling requires 34% less energy than the conventional air-conditioning system with outdoor air cooling.

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ジャーナルASHRAE Transactions
出版物ステータスPublished - 1999 12 1
イベントASHRAE Annual Meeting - Seattle, WA, USA
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    Akimoto, T., Nobe, T., Tanabe, S. I., & Kimura, K. I. (1999). Floor-supply displacement air-conditioning: Laboratory experiments. ASHRAE Transactions, 105, PART 2/-.