GUI for agent based modeling

Tadashi Kurata, Hiroshi Deguchi, Manabu Ichikawa

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In this paper, we discuss how to build a model by SOARS VisualShell intuitively and explain its architecture. SOARS (Agent based simulation modeling language) SOARS Project (, Tanuma et al. (Post-proceedings of AESCS04. Springer, Japan, pp 49–56, 2004) and Tanuma and Deguchi (Inst Electron Inf Commun Eng D J90-D(9):2415–2422, 2007) is a programming language to model social phenomena by agent-based simulation. We aim to make SOARS a simulation description language by which a domain expert can simulate social interactions occurred in the real world by ones conceptual model intuitively. Therefore, a support tool for realizing and achieving specialized concepts is necessary for a domain expert to build and run a simulation model based on his/her only domain knowledge without possessing complex programming skill, and SOARS VisualShell is an application to support such intuitive modeling by SOARS.

ホスト出版物のタイトルSpringer Proceedings in Complexity
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Kurata, T., Deguchi, H., & Ichikawa, M. (2015). GUI for agent based modeling. : Springer Proceedings in Complexity (pp. 275-286). Springer.