Improved chemical stability of Ti-doped MgB2 in water

Y. Zhao, C. H. Cheng, T. MacHi, N. Koshizuka, M. Murakami

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We investigated the degradation of critical current density (Jc) and irreversibility field (Hirr) of pure and Ti-doped MgB 2 bulks by exposing the samples to water for a total of 10, 48, 100, and 124 h. We found that both Jc and Hirr of the samples were degraded by exposure to water, in various degrees depending on the doping level. In the same exposure duration, the Ti-doped samples exhibited a less sensitivity to water, which was confirmed by the less degradation of J c and Hirr. Our results demonstrate that Ti doping is not only effective in improving the superconducting properties of MgB2 but also in enhancing its chemical stability against water.

ジャーナルApplied Physics Letters
出版物ステータスPublished - 2002 4 1

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