Innovation of working style through business ethnography and organizational monitor

Koji Kishimoto, Maki Terasawa, Sadayo Hirata

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Understanding the nature of clients' work is a precondition for helping them to solve challenges posed by their business practices. Fujitsu has been committed to developing and deploying Business Ethnography that merges ethnographic qualitative analysis, frequently used in the areas of marketing and product design, with conventional quantitative analysis, not for study but as business. While ethnography has been used in the area of research, our current approach utilizes this methodology to understand the nature of clients' work. Also, in the field of research on organizations which has become widely recognized in some international ethnography associations Including EPIC, Fujitsu's approach of Organizational Monitor has been developed and Implemented by integrating the factors of quantitative analysis emphasizing the continuous and proactive commitments to innovation by organizations and individuals. It is regarded as an approach that goes beyond the conventional academic approaches that focus only on the reporting of exploration and interpretation of the facts observed in business scenes. This paper introduces a new approach based on these two types of ethnographic technique that adds a new aspect to the conventional working style.

ジャーナルFujitsu Scientific and Technical Journal
出版ステータスPublished - 2010 4月 1

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