Magnetic and thermal properties of HTS bulk magnet in the pulsed-field magnetizing process

T. Oka, D. Ishiduka, J. Ogawa, S. Fukui, T. Sato, K. Yokoyama, A. Murakami

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In order to enhance the field-trapping ability of high Tc superconducting melt-textured bulk materials which act as quasi-permanent magnets when they capture the external magnetic fields, it is important to enhance the mechanical toughness of the materials to stand the stress induced by the magnetic repulsive force and thermal expansion. We adopted a dense Dy123-based bulk material with reduced void concentration in the experiment. Since the heat generations due to the flux motions in the samples results in the degradation of Jc, the time evolutions of the trapped magnetic fields and the temperature rises during and after the pulsed-field magnetizing processes were precisely measured at the same time to evaluate the penetrating flux motions and the heat generations in the sample. A single and couple of the magnetic pulsed fields with various intensities were successively applied to the sample at 30 K. The single magnetic field application exhibited a peak effect in the trapped-field behavior and tended to decline due to the heat generation. In the iterative pulsed-field application, the behaviors of the trapped fields and the temperature changes were found to be inverse between the first and the second pulsed-field applications. This implies that the flux penetration behavior into the sample magnet at the second field application is strongly restricted by the presence of former trapped fields which were formed by the first field applications.

ジャーナルJournal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism
出版ステータスPublished - 2013 4月

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