Magnetic Phase Transition and Electronic Anomalies in La1.96-x Y0.04 SrxCuO4 around x∼1/8

Tetsuo Fukase, Hirotaka Geka, Takayuki Goto, Kaichiro Chiba, Takao Suzuki

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La-NMR, Hall coefficient and sound velocity have been measured in order to investigate the correlation between the magnetic ordering, the prominent change of transport properties, the suppression of Tc and the structural transformation around x∼1/8 in La1.96-xY0.04SrxCuO4. By the substitution of 0.04/2 Y for La-sites, the structural transformation to the low temperature tetragonal phase (LTT) is caused at 57±14 K for samples around x∼0.115. The prominent decrease of the Hall coefficient followed by the sign reversal and the magnetic ordering are observed around x∼0.115 below temperatures Ts and TN, respectively. Ts vs x shows a bell shaped curve with the maximum value of 65 K at x∼0.115 where most prominent suppression of Tc appears. TN shows similar x dependence to Ts with the maximum value of 40 K at x∼0.115. The change of the electronic state below Ts and the suppression of Tc become more prominent and the magnetic ordering is observed more wide range of x under the LTT phase.

ジャーナルJournal of Low Temperature Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 1999 1 1

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