Measurements and Evaluations of Kawaii Products by Eye Tracking

Tipporn Laohakangvalvit, Ikumi Iida, Saromporn Charoenpit, Michiko Ohkura

研究成果: Chapter


Affective values are critical factors for manufacturing in Japan. Kawaii, which is a positive adjective that denotes such positive meanings as cute or lovable, becomes even more important as an affective value (Chap. 1). Some research has evaluated kawaii feelings by various biological signals. However, since no detailed eye tracking has been conducted yet, we employed it to identify the relationship between kawaii feelings and eye movements. We previously performed an experiment on preferences in which participants chose their favorite kawaii illustrations from six choices. However, we could not perform detailed analysis due to the complexity of the eye movements and the calibration-free data. Therefore, we improved our experiment method by randomly showing only two illustrations at a time from the six choices. From our analyzed results, we clarified the relationship between kawaii feelings and eye movements and identified two new indexes.

ホスト出版物のタイトルSpringer Series on Cultural Computing
出版ステータスPublished - 2019


名前Springer Series on Cultural Computing

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