Microscopic phase separation in triangular-lattice quantum spin magnetκ-(BEDT-TTF) 2Cu 2(CN) 3 probed by muon spin relaxation

Saor Nakajima, Taka Suzuki, Yasuyuk Ishii, Kazuk Ohishi, Isa Watanabe, Takayuk Goto, Akir Oosawa, Naok Yoneyama, Nori Kobayashi, Francis L. Pratt, Takahik Sasaki

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The ground state of the quantum spin system κ-(BEDT-TTF) 2Cu 2(CN) 3, in which antiferromagnetically interacting S = 1=2 spins are located on a nearly equilateral triangular lattice, attracts considerable interest from both experimental and theoretical aspects, because a simple antiferromagnetic order may be inhibited owing to geometrical frustration, and hence, an exotic ground state is expected. Furthermore, two recent reports on the ground state of this system have increased the intrigue by showing completely controversial results: one indicates the gapless state and the other the gapped state. By utilizing the SR microscopic probe, we have investigated its spin dynamics below 0.1 K, unveiling its microscopically phase-separated ground state at zero field.

ジャーナルjournal of the physical society of japan
出版ステータスPublished - 2012 6

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