Microstructure of plasma nitrided AISI420 martensitic stainless steel at 673 K

Tatsuhiko Aizawa, Tomoaki Yoshino, Kazuo Morikawa, Sho Ichiro Yoshihara

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Martensitic stainless steel type AISI420 was plasma nitrided at 673 K for 3.6 ks to investigate the initial stage of the nitrogen supersaturation process without the formation of iron and chromium nitrides. SEM-EDX, electron back-scattering diffraction (EBSD), and TEM analyses were utilized to characterize the microstructure of the nitrided layer across the nitriding front end. The original coarse-grained, fully martensitic microstructure turned to be α’-γ two phase and fine-grained by high nitrogen concentration. Below this homogeneously nitrided layer, α’-grains were modified in geometry to be aligned along the plastic slip lines together with the α’ to γ-phase transformation at these highly strained zones. Most of these α’-grains in the two-phase microstructure had a nano-laminated structure with the width of 50 nm.

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