Particle damping: Noise characteristics and large-scale simulation

Masato Saeki, Takahiro Mizoguchi, Mika Bitoh

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The performance of a large-scale particle damper in a vertical vibrating system was investigated experimentally and theoretically. To use particle dampers on an industrial scale, their noise characteristics must be clarified and a large-scale simulation is essential. This paper presents the results of an experimental investigation of the effects of the particle material, mass ratio and diameter on the amount of noise generated by a particle damper. In the theoretical analysis, two computational methods for conducting large-scale simulations of particle damping are proposed. The validity of the numerical methods is examined by comparison with experimental results. It is found that the calculation time and memory usage are decreased considerably by using the computational methods.

ジャーナルJVC/Journal of Vibration and Control
出版ステータスAccepted/In press - 2017 1月 1

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