Properties of Ce3+ -doped Y3Al5O12 phosphor nanoparticles formed by laser ablation in liquid

Hiroshi Koizumi, Junya Watabe, Shin Sugiyama, Hideaki Hirabayashi, Yoko Tokuno, Hiroyuki Wada, Tetsuya Homma

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Y3Al5O12: Ce3+ (YAG: Ce) nanoparticles were generated by the laser ablation from the micron-size YAG: Ce particles suspended in deionized water as a target suspension. The mean diameter of nanoparticles observed by a scanning electron microscopy were about 15–300 nm, and the morphology showed a dependence on an average energy density of Nd: YAG laser. The photoluminescence spectra exhibited peaks at 510 and 560 nm which are attributed to the 5d→4f transition of the Ce3+ activator. The luminescence intensity for the nanoparticles generated by the suspension increased with increasing the average energy density of Nd: YAG laser, and the intensity of 510 nm peak also exhibited higher than that for the nanoparticles generated by the micron-size particles precipitated on a bottom of vial. It was found that the laser ablation in liquid using the suspension was effective to generate the YAG: Ce phosphor nanoparticles.

ジャーナルECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology
出版物ステータスPublished - 2018 1 1


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