Realizing high thermoelectric performance in p-type Si1-x-yGexSnythin films at ambient temperature by Sn modulation doping

Ying Peng, Huajun Lai, Chengyan Liu, Jie Gao, Masashi Kurosawa, Osamu Nakatsuka, Tsunehiro Takeuchi, Shigeaki Zaima, Sakae Tanemura, Lei Miao

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In this study, we report a power factor (PF) value as high as 1950 μW m-1 K-2 for B-ion implanted thermoelectric Si1-x-yGexSny ternary alloy films at ambient temperature by radio frequency sputtering followed by a short-term rapid thermal annealing heat treatment. The record high PF value was realized by modulation doping of Sn in the Si1-x-yGexSny film. It was found that using metallic Sn as nanoparticles and Si1-x-yGexSny as the matrix leads to a large enhancement of the carrier concentration and a very small decrease in carrier mobility. As a result, the electrical conductivity and power factor of the modulation doped Si1-x-yGexSny alloy were greatly improved. The findings of this study present emerging opportunities for the modulation of Si integration thermoelectrics as wearable devices charged by body temperature.

ジャーナルApplied Physics Letters
出版ステータスPublished - 2020 8 3

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