Recessed gate AlGaN/GaN MODFET on sapphire grown by MOCVD

Takashi Egawa, Hiroyasu Ishikawa, Takashi Jimbo, Masayoshi Umeno

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A recessed gate AlGaN/GaN modulation-doped field-effect transistor (MODFET) has been grown on a sapphire substrate by metallorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD). Two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) mobility and sheet carrier density of AlGaN/GaN heterostructure on the sapphire substrate were 740 cm2/V·s and 5.1 × 1012 cm-2 at 300 K, and 12000 cm2/V·s and 2.8 × 1012 cm-2 at 8.9 K, respectively. The recessed gate device showed the maximum extrinsic transconductance 146 mS/mm and drain-source current 900 mA/mm for the AlGaN/GaN MODFET with a gate length Lg of 2.1 μm at 25°C. At an elevated temperature of 350°C, the maximum extrinsic transconductance and drain-source current were 62 mS/mm and 347 mA/mm, respectively. The AlGaN/GaN MODFET exhibited the stable operation with good pinch-off characteristics at high temperatures, and the very weak temperature dependence of the threshold voltage. The drain current collapse was not observed in the dark and AC measurement.

ジャーナルTechnical Digest - International Electron Devices Meeting
出版ステータスPublished - 1999 12月 1
イベント1999 IEEE International Devices Meeting (IEDM) - Washington, DC, USA
継続期間: 1999 12月 51999 12月 8

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