Stability of impulsive switched systems with sampled-data control

Jie Lian, Chunyang Li, Guisheng Zhai

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This paper investigates the sampled-data control of impulsive switched systems with asynchronous switching. The impulses are not required to synchronise the switching. Since it is possible that switches may occur in sampling intervals, the mismatched problem may happen between controllers and system modes. Aiming for this, a functional consisting of multiple impulse-dependent Lyapunov functions and looped functionals is constructed, which does not increase at impulsive times. By using ADT method, some sufficient conditions for exponential stability are proposed in terms of linear matrix inequalities. Furthermore, sampled-data controllers are presented to stabilise the impulsive switched systems. The efficiency of the proposed results is verified by an F-18 aircraft.

ジャーナルIET Control Theory and Applications
出版ステータスPublished - 2021 3

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