Superconductivity: Recent developments and new production technologies

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This book consists of thirteen chapters each of them defining in depth the chapter subject and surveying recent developments in the field. The main objective of this book is to summarize the recent advances in material science of high-Tc superconductors, specify their properties, processing, and applications. New and challenging issues appear in this book, like superconducting nano wires, low cost RE-123, infiltration growth, processing of single domain porous Y-123, novel cold seeding method for the production of LRE-123 materials, flux pinning, magnetic shielding, and innovation in synthesis of MgB2. Further, it also covers large scale applications of bulk materials, HTS Maglev systems with bulk superconducting parts, development of superconducting permanent magnet system, pulsed field magnetization and its application, and production and characterization of HTS roebel cable.

出版社Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
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