Synthesis of Ti-based bulk quasicrystal by shock compression

Akito Takasaki, Hitoshi Matsumoto

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We attempted to produce a Ti45Zr38Ni17 bulk icosahedral (i) quasicrystal by a shock compression technique, in which a single-stage powder gun discharges a flyer plate that consolidates the target powders. The results were also compared with those by a conventional hot-pressing. The powder mixtures for the shock compression were blended by two kinds of methods; that is, gently mixing in a vial, and mechanically alloying by a planetary ball mill. A large bulk i-phase sample, with a Ti2Ni crystal phase, was synthesized from mechanically alloyed powders after shock compression at a higher flyer velocity, although the conventional hot-pressing at 3 MPa synthesized only the Ti2Ni phase. For the gently mixed powders, no reaction occured even after shock compression. High-pressure and high-temperature produced during shock compression, and milling process were key factors to obtain the i-phase. The Vickers hardness and the wetting contact angle with pure water under an atmospheric pressure for the bulk sample containing the i-phase were about 7 GPa and about 70°, respectively.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2009 7月

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