The carved ornament and the technique of bracket complex in the works of the Fujii family

Kensuke Akaishi, Akira Fujisawa, Tomomichi Okuzaki

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The Fujii family is a carpenters who has performed active construction activities for the Hamochi region in southern part of Sado Island at the base from the early stages of Edo to the early stages of Showa. This paper considers the carved ornament and the technique of the bracket complex for 20 works among existing the works of the Fujii family. Unlike a general chronological index, even if a time goes down, the carved ornaments shows an old form and the depth and width of carving do not change a lot. Moreover, in the bracket complex, a peculiar technique of joining a component by Yatoihozo joint is seen, and it can classify into two forms of what used Yatoihozo joint for the Odaruki, and the thing used for Tesaki-Hijiki. As explained above, the Fujii family can be positioned as a carpenter group with very peculiar technology.

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