Universal Constraints on Relaxation Times for d-Level GKLS Master Equations

Gen Kimura, Shigeru Ajisaka, Kyouhei Watanabe

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In 1976, Gorini, Kossakowski, Sudarshan and Lindblad independently discovered a general form of master equations for an open quantum Markovian dynamics. In honor of all the authors, the equation is nowadays called the GKLS master equation. In this paper, we show universal constraints on the relaxation times valid for any d-level GKLS master equations, which is a generalization of the well-known constraints for 2-level systems. Specifically, we show that any relaxation rate, the inverse-relaxation time, is not greater than half of the sum of all relaxation rates. Since the relaxation times are measurable in experiments, our constraints provide a direct experimental test for the validity of the GKLS master equations, and hence for the conditions of the complete positivity and Markovianity.

ジャーナルOpen Systems and Information Dynamics
出版ステータスPublished - 2017 12 1

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