Wireless download agent for high-capacity wireless LAN based ubiquitous services

Tomohiro Tokuyasu, Yasuhiko Inoue, Shuji Kubota

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We propose a wireless download agent which effectively controls a point at which download starts for providing a comfortable mobile computing environment. A user can get the desired data with the wireless download agent while walking through a service area without stopping. We conducted simulations to evaluate its performance in terms of throughput, download period, and probability of successful download. Our results show that the proposed scheme very well suits the wireless download agent in high-speed wireless access systems with many users. Furthermore, we describe about using the proposed scheme considering randomness of walking directions of users.

出版ステータスPublished - 2004 12 1
イベントGLOBECOM'04 - IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference - Dallas, TX, United States
継続期間: 2004 11 292004 12 3


ConferenceGLOBECOM'04 - IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference
CountryUnited States
CityDallas, TX

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